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About Us
The provision of dental implants in general practice has grown faster than any other area of dentistry in the last few years and with it a very substantial increase in litigation. It is now accepted that the planning of the case is regarded as the most important aspect of the treatment. There is no better way to plan three dimensional surgery than with three dimensional x-rays.

The obstacle for many dentists is finding a scanner close to their practice and this is where Dental Scanning Services can help.

We bring the scanner to your clinic on a pre-arranged day and provided the scans you need to plan your case.

  • Reliable implant placement.
  • Predictable placement of implants in bone
  • Planning of grafts (onlay and sinus)
  • No need to purchase an expensive machine
  • No need to send your patients to another implant centre
  • Avoid costly planning and placement mistakes
  • Avoid increase lab costs because of poor planning.
  • Defend against litigation.
  • Low dose radiation for your patients
  • Patients are receiving all their care at your clinic
  • Patients do not have to travel long distances to have a scan

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